Sports Attack Pitching Machines

Sports Attack has come on strong as one of the most popular brands on the market. JUGS Pitching Machines were always the most popular, however, they now have major competition.

The Junior Hack Attack and the Hack Attack headline Sports Attack’s lineup of pitching machines. They have become incredibly popular among high school, collegiate, and professional coaches. Their accuracy and durability are superior to most of the other machines available.

Most Sports Attack Pitching Machines have three wheels. The three-wheel design provides superior accuracy then single and double-wheel options because there are three spots gripping the pitching machine compared to one or two.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine

However, Sports Attack just announced they will be releasing a single-wheel machine to the market. There are not many reviews on the Blast Attack to date, but it is hard to imagine Sports Attack would release a machine that is not top notch. Below are some of the features that makes Sports Attack Machines special:

Quick Recovery Time

The three-wheel pitching machine options (Junior Hack Attack, Hack Attack, and I-Hack) have an almost instantaneous recovery time. Sports Attack recommends waiting 3-5 seconds before sending out the next pitch. The Blast Attack has a slightly longer recovery time but is still quick compared to other single-wheel options.

Superior Wheels

One of Sports Attack’s claims to fame is that they have never needed to replace one of their wheels due to wear, weather, or melting. They credit this to careful testing of quality components and that the air pressure does not change for their wheels. Durable wheels and no air pressure changes provides consistent accuracy.

Heavier Machines

This sounds like a bad thing, right? Sports Attack purposely designs their machines to be heavier. Their thinking is that the higher mass absorbs the recoil, resulting in more accuracy. To offset the increased weight, Sports Attack includes a set of transport wheels with each machine. That way you have the best of both worlds. An accurate pitching machine and one that is easy to move!

Wheel Guards

Each machine comes standard with “throwing wheel guards” and “front wheel guards”. The throwing wheel guards protect your fingers from going near the fast-moving wheels. The front wheel guards protect the machine from line drives hit back its way. More and more manufacturers are designing their machines to include wheel guards. We believe it is essential not only for the longevity of the machine but also for coaches and player’s safety.

What sets Sports Attack Apart from the Competition?

One word, consistency. Sports Attack has built their brand by providing reliable pitching machines. They are top-notch because they provide a level of pitching machine that is unseen with many of the other manufacturers. The Junior Hack and Hack Attack Pitching Machines are widely regarded as two of the top machines in the industry because of their accuracy and durability. We hear from customers about their machine’s wheels lasting for over a decade. Many other types of wheels wear down over time and this causes inaccuracies with pitches.

Most Popular Sports Attack Pitching Machines

1. Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

While Sports Attack is on the higher-end of pricing for their products, the Junior Hack is the least expensive three-wheel pitching machine. However, the Junior Hack Attack is not like most other three-wheel pitching machines.

The machine only throws up to 70 MPH (60 MPH for softball) compared to top speeds of 100 MPH you see with most other three-wheel options. With that being said, the Junior Hack offers all the other benefits of a three-wheel pitching machine, except the speed, at a fraction of the price.

Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

2. Hack Attack Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack is the pitching machine of choice for most colleges and professional teams. It has everything you want in a pitching machine. Consistent strikes, nasty breaking pitches, durability, and more. The only downside to the Hack Attack is that it will cost you a good amount of money. It is over $800 more than the Junior Hack, with the only difference being the maximum speed. The Hack Attack throws up to 100 MPH for baseball and 80 MPH for softball. If you have the additional money to spend, you can’t go wrong with the Hack Attack Pitching Machine!

3. I-Hack Attack Pitching Machine

The I-Hack is and old but new pitching machine. Sports Attack withdrew the I-Hack from the market a couple years ago so they could make major upgrades. The I-Hack is now back and better than ever! The I-Hack comes with a customized touch screen that allows users to set the pitch type, speed, and spin.

Not only can you control every aspect of the pitch, but you can also setup different pitch sequences to keep hitters off guard. If you liked the location and break of a certain pitch, you can save it to throw later on in the practice. The I-Hack Machine may seem expensive, and it is, however, it is much cheaper than many of the alternatives that have built in pitch sequences.

4. Blast Attack Pitching Machine

Sports Attack made the decision to add a single-wheel pitching machine to its lineup. It is a brand-new offering that just came out in 2021. The Blast Attack Pitching Machine throws up to 60 MPH, has great fielding capabilities, and is extremely portable. It does have some nice features with a digital speed readout and transport wheels. However, it is one of the more expensive single-wheel options.

History of Sports Attack

Sports Attack’s business began back in 1995. They are a family owned and operated business, with four of the founding partners still working at Sports Attack to this day. Sports Attack’s mission statement reads as follows, “Sports Attack will be the leader in innovative, quality sports training equipment that will enable athletes at all levels to reach their full potential and coaches to develop championship teams”.
Sports Attack Pitching Machines Logo

Their pitching machines certainly live up to their mission statement as they have become the go-to option for many high schools, universities, and professionals. Their top models include the Junior Hack and Hack Attack Pitching Machines. Both machines are available in a baseball only or softball only option. Unfortunately, neither option is available as a combo pitching machine. The two machines feature three wheels, with the main difference between them being their top speeds. The Junior Hack throws pitches up to 70 MPH, while the Hack Attack has the horsepower to reach 100 MPH.

Recently, Sports Attack unveiled three new products including the Blast Attack, I-Hack, and Elite E-Hack. The I-Hack and Elite E-Hack are programmable pitching machines primarily used by baseball academies and universities. The Blast Attack is a single wheel machine that is at a much more affordable price point for parents, little leagues, and schools. Sports Attack ships their orders from their warehouse in Verdi, Nevada. Due to the popularity of their machines, handling time to ship orders are as high as three weeks.

Warranty Information

Sports Attack backs their pitching machines with a five-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. However, they do have a few exceptions to their warranty. The throwing wheels, throwing wheel motors, and the electronic controller are only eligible for the warranty for 2 years. Luckily, Sports Attack is known for having strong, durable wheels. Also, since they include a motor for each wheel on the pitching machine, the motors last a long time.