JUGS Pitching Machines

JUGS has been the leading seller of pitching machines for decades. While there are many other competing brands taking a shot at the throne, JUGS has remained the #1 best selling machine. They are the pitching machine of choice for little leagues and many school districts throughout the country.

JUGS stays ahead of the competition by continuously bettering their lineup of pitching machines. Recently, they upgraded their options to include the BP1, Changeup, BP2, and BP3 Pitching Machines. The new machines featured smaller pneumatic tires that produced more accurate pitches.
JUGS Pitching Machines

JUGS decided to keep their popular JUGS MVP in their lineup, however, they upgraded the MVP as well to throw both baseballs and softballs. Due to the popularity of their machines, you will pay a premium on them. However, they are reliable pitching machines that will last you a long, long time, so they will easily pay off the investment. Below is a list of features that makes JUGS the top selling brand:

Digital Speed Readout

Every JUGS Pitching Machines comes with the digital speed readout. The digital readout will let you know the exact speed of the machine. You will be able to adjust the speed of the next pitch by twisting the speed knob.

360-Degree Swivel

Another feature that JUGS includes with every machine is the 360-degree swivel. The 360-degree swivel is a favorite among coaches as you can send grounders all over the infield and pop-ups all over the outfield. A swivel also helps when practicing offensive drills. Some machines do not have any horizontal range of motion. You will not have that problem with any of JUGS Pitching Machines.

Two Different Softball Chute Options

Most manufacturers only offer one chute option for their softball machines. The problem is there are two different types of softballs! 11” softballs are used by younger players, while 12” softballs are used in middle school, high school, and collegiate softball. JUGS has the option to buy an 11” chute, 12” chute, or both. Putting an 11” softball through a 12” chute gives the ball more room to move before it hits the wheel. This can throw off the accuracy of the machine.

Most Popular JUGS Pitching Machines:

1. JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine

The BP1 Pitching Machine is JUGS’ most popular pitching machine. When you purchase the machine, you will have three options. It is available in a baseball only, softball only, and a combo option. JUGS upgraded their former JUGS Jr. Machine into the BP1. They are very similar machines, however, the BP1 throws 10 MPH faster.

2. JUGS Changeup Pitching Machine

Similar to the BP1, the JUGS Changeup is available in a baseball or softball model. However, the machine is not available as a combo pitching machine. The Changeup has a built-in changeup button that will slow down the speed of the next pitch to imitate a changeup.

You will receive a remote with the machine that will allow coaches/parents to select the next pitch, either a fastball or changeup. The Changeup Softball Pitching Machine is one of the most popular machines among college softball teams.

JUGS Changeup Pitching Machine
JUGS Changeup Pitching Machine

3. JUGS BP2 Pitching Machine

JUGS unleashed a few excellent features with the BP2 Pitching Machine that helps set it apart from some of the competitor’s machines. The machine comes with pinpoint micro-adjusters that JUGS claims is the most advanced and easy to use “pitch targeting system”. You will control the machine and change the type of pitch using two separate knobs.

The first knob controls the speed, which you will be able to see on the digital readout. The second knob controls the type of pitch. There are six preset pitch types including fastballs, split-finger fastball, right-handed curveball, right-handed slider, left-handed curveball, and left-handed slider. JUGS only offers the BP2 as a baseball machine.

4. JUGS BP3 Pitching Machine

The JUGS BP3 Pitching Machine is the only three-wheel machine that JUGS offers. Three-wheel machines have the best accuracy since they provide better contact to the ball. Patented Grip-Tite tires add to the accuracy. They have a 20-year life expectancy and will not melt or crack like solid tires.

Best of all, the BP3 combines the top features of the Changeup and BP2. The machine includes a remote feeder with a changeup button. As discussed before, the changeup option quickly changes the pitch from a fastball to a changeup to confuse hitters. The BP3 also includes the six preset pitch types similar to the BP2.

JUGS BP3 Pitching Machine
JUGS BP3 Pitching Machine

History of JUGS Sports

If you have been around baseball or softball for long enough, chances are you have heard of JUGS Pitching Machines. If not, maybe you know it as the blue pitching machine. The point is that JUGS has been manufacturing machines for a long time!

In fact, the JUGS’ founder, John Paulson, developed the first JUGS Pitching Machine in 1970. He noticed that the options available at the time were inadequate. He set out to design a better model and came up with what became known as the JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine. His design featured pneumatic tires that threw accurate pitches and realistic breaking balls.

JUGS became a “cornerstone of practice” during the 1970s. The most successful college and high school baseball programs were using the JUGS Curveball to train. Sports Illustrated even predicted that JUGS would revolutionize baseball!

JUGS Pitching Machines Logo

In 2018, JUGS upgraded their options to include the BP1, Changeup, BP2, and BP3 Pitching Machines. The new machines featured smaller pneumatic tires that produced more accurate pitches. JUGS decided to keep their popular JUGS MVP in their lineup, however, they upgraded the MVP as well to throw both baseballs and softballs.

JUGS imports their pitching machines from overseas. However, their headquarters are located in Tulatin, Oregon. JUGS ships orders quickly with most shipping UPS ground. With the machines shipping from Oregon, west coast customers will receive their machine within a couple days of shipping. East coast customers will have to wait a little longer, typically 4-5 business days after the order ships.

What Sets JUGS Apart from the Competition?

JUGS has had the staying power in the industry for a reason. Even though you will pay a bit of a premium for the brand name, you can not go wrong purchasing a JUGS Machine. They are high-quality and some of the most durable machines on the market. Not only are they durable, but they also have many new features that other manufacturers do not offer.

Every JUGS Pitching Machine, including the MVP and BP1, include a digital readout. This is typically only available with more expensive machines from other manufacturers.

With their more expensive machines, JUGS did a good job of making their machines different from their competitors. The changeup button that is featured on the Changeup Machines and the BP3 is new, creative feature. Furthermore, the BP2 and BP3 include the preset pitch types. Both of these features help set these machines apart. With many different two-wheel and three-wheel pitching machine options, it was important for JUGS to offer some cool new features. Luckily, they came through with some quality options with their new set of pitching machines.

How to Use JUGS Pitching Machines