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Heater Pitching Machines

Heater is known for their low prices; however, their low prices should not be confused with low quality. Heater Pitching Machines provide durability and consistent strikes.

They also have some important features that other machines lack. For example, all Heater Pitching Machines have an enclosed wheel which provides two major benefits. First, the enclosure protects the wheel from line drives.

Second, the enclosed wheel prevents kids (and adults) from getting their hands caught in the wheel. Even with the enclosed wheel, we still recommend parental supervision while the machine is firing pitches. Below is a list of Heater Pitching Machine’s other top features:

Heater Pitching Machine

Automatic Ball Feeder

One of the best things about Heater is that their pitching machines come standard with a ball feeder. The ball feeder allows coaches to set the machine up and move out of the way. Instead of feeding the machine manually, they can setup near the hitter to help adjust their swing. The feeder is setup to automatically shoot a pitch every 10 seconds. A 10 second interval gives hitters plenty of time to prepare for the next pitch.

Variable Speed Control

Each machine comes with a speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed. The dial will have numbers 0 through 10. The zero setting will turn the machine off, while the ten setting will have the machine pitching at the maximum speed. You will receive a product manual with the machine that will outline the speeds at each knob setting.

Adjustable Pitch Height

All Heater Pitching Machines have an adjustable pitch height. This allows you to send one pitch down in the strike zone and the next high in the strike zone. The adjustable pitch height also allows you to practice fielding exercises. The machine will throw groundballs and pop-ups.

6" Height

The 6” wheel gives the baseball or softball the cushion it needs to throw an accurate strike. Every Heater machine comes with the 6” wheel, however, the Deuce 2 Wheel comes with two 6” wheels.

Easy Assembly/Portability

When the machine arrives at your doorstep it will essentially be ready to go. You will only need to attach the steel legs to the head of the pitching machine. The legs have pushpins which allows for quick assembly. With the legs being so easy to put on and remove, the machine is easily transportable. You will want to take the legs off the machine and carry them separately from the head of the pitching machine.

Built-in Machine Harness

The built-in machine harness connects to Heater Batting Cages on the outside of the cage. The machine will throw pitches through a cutout square, provide coaches and other users of the machine security without the need of an L-screen. Obviously, Heater included this feature as an incentive to also purchase their batting cages. Nonetheless, it is a nice feature to have if you decide to purchase the cage with the machine.
Heater Pitching Machine Harness

What sets Heater Apart from the Competition?

The main thing that sets Heater apart from the competition is price. Heater pitching machines are primarily used in the backyard and are not necessarily for middle school and older use. However, they are at such a great price point that they make for a perfect entry-level pitching machine. The Basehit and Jr. options are great options for youth players that are just starting out.

As you progress into Heater’s more expensive models, they become more advanced. For example, the Heater Pro Curve and Heater Deuce would be exceptional options for 10-14 year old players. Both machines throw breaking pitches and the Deuce throws fastballs at high velocities.

The most unique thing about Heater is that the majority of their machines come standard with a ball feeder. The ball feeder is a great accessory and is a must have for parents that really want to help their kid adjust their swing. The ball feeder allows you to set the machine up on the field or in the cage and watch your kids swing from a side view. The included ball feeder is a unique feature that only Heater offers.

If you are looking for a top-notch machine for a star high school or collegiate baseball/softball player, then Heater might not be your first choice. However, as mentioned above, Heater offers a great entry-level machine. Best of all it is much more affordable than most of the other options out there.

Most Popular Heater Pitching Machines

1. Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine

The Heater BaseHit is the cheapest “real ball” pitching machine! It costs only $199 with free shipping. The BaseHit is a great entry-level pitching machine. With the machine only throwing up to 45 MPH, it is perfect for young athletes between five and ten years old.

2. Heater Real Pitching Machine

The Heater Real Pitching Machine is two steps up from the BaseHit. It has a couple advantages compared to the cheaper alternative. First, it throws up to 52 MPH compared to 45 MPH. Secondly, the machine is built with steel. You can see in the picture that the Heater Real has steel enclosing the wheel, while the BaseHit has an enclosed wheel but it is plastic. The ball feeder is built with steel as well.

3. Heater Softball Pitching Machine

The Heater Softball Pitching Machine is the only softball machine in Heater’s lineup. However, they do offer the Heater Combo Pitching Machine that will throw both baseballs and softballs. The Heater Softball Machine is comparable to the Heater Real in that they both are made primarily from steel and are the same price.

With the machine throwing up to 50 MPH, it presents a great option for little league and middle school players. Just like every other Heater pitching machine, the Heater Softball comes with an automatic ball feeder. The only difference is the softball machine only holds up to eight softballs due to the larger size of the ball.

Heater Softball Pitching Machine

4. Heater Deuce 2-Wheel Pitching Machine

Heater brought the Deuce 2 Wheel Machine to market recently. You will have two different options when you go to purchase the Deuce. The first option is the original Deuce 2 Wheel Machine that throws up to 75 MPH. The second option is a little pricier, however, it throws up to 95 MPH. Both options are cheaper than any other 2-wheel options. In fact, the 75 MPH Deuce 2 Wheel is half the price of the 2nd cheapest 2-wheel machine.

About Heater Sports

Heater Sports set out to create a more affordable pitching machine. Before they opened for business, the selection of pitching machines was expensive.
Heater Sports Logo

The selection was perfect for high schools and universities who had money; however, they were out of the price range for families and a lot of little leagues. Heater changed the game with their offering of inexpensive pitching machines. One of their first offerings was the Heater Basehit. The Basehit is still the most affordable real ball pitching machine on the market today, priced at $199.

Heater imports their pitching machines from overseas, however, they go through a quality assurance check when they arrive at Heater’s warehouse. Heater is based out of Saint George, Utah. They ship all orders from their warehouse in Utah.

When Heater has their products in stock, your order will ship quickly. Typically, in 1-3 business days. Heater ships all their orders via UPS ground. Coming from Utah, west coast customers will receive their order within a couple days. East coast orders will take an extra couple days.

Heater's Warranty

Heater Pitching Machines come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. The warranty is a lot shorter than most other pitching machines on the market, however, they are also a lot less expensive. Most of the time problems with parts of the machine will present within the first few months.

Heater is also unique because of their 30-day money back guarantee. If you are displeased with your purchase within the first 30 days of receiving your machine, you are able to send it back for a refund. You will be responsible for the return freight but Heater will refund the remainder of the order total. Heater is the only manufacturer, currently, that offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Heater Pitching Machine in Use