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First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

  • Mike C. 
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First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine
The First Pitch Baseline is one of the most popular machines for the 8-14 age range. Many parents use the Baseline as a training tool for their kids and is also a favorite for machine pitch leagues. The machine continues to grow in popularity due to the commercial quality of the machine at an inexpensive price point. Similar machines can cost buyers hundreds of extra dollars. Below we outline what makes the First Pitch Baseline so popular and how it measures up against similar pitching machines.

First Pitch Baseline Product Features

The Baseline throws up to 70 MPH. There is a dial on the machine that allows you to pick your speed anywhere from 0 to 70 MPH. You can easily pinpoint the exact speed you want the machine to pitch. 70 MPH maximum speed is high compared to similar machines.
Combo Pitching Machine
The Baseline comes standard as a baseball/softball combo pitching machine. The machine comes with one set of legs that is reversible. The legs will sit tall when using for baseball to simulate an overhand pitch. When you are using the machine for softball, you just reverse the legs. This will make the machine sit lower to the ground to simulate an underhand pitch.
first pitch baseline softball legs
Doubles as a Fielding Machine
Most customers purchase the Baseline to use for hitting practice, however, it works great for fielding exercises. The machine is on a 360-degree swivel which allows coaches to spread the ball all over the field. The machine head tilts back to perform pop-flys and tilts forwards for grounders.
Commercial Grade Quality
First Pitch makes the Baseline with all steel construction. The legs, chutes, and tripod base all have steel construction. Its motor has a steel casing as well that protects the machine against line drives. The Baseline comes equipped with ¼ HP motor.
The Baseline comes with a 5-year warranty except for commercial uses. The warranty for commercial use is 1-year.

Comparable Machines

There are three pitching machines that are similar in price to the First Pitch Baseline. The JUGS MVP, BATA 1, and Heater Deuce 2 Wheel Pitching Machines are all great in their own right; but how do they stack up against the First Pitch Baseline?
First Pitch Baseline vs. JUGS MVP

JUGS is the most widely recognized name in the pitching machine industry. They have been around a legacy and have designed a great product with long-lasting, commercial-grade pitching machines. First Pitch has been JUGS biggest competitor in recent years and it is easy to see why people always compare First Pitch and JUGS machines against one another. Both pitching machines come equipped with a pneumatic tire.

  • Speed – The First Pitch Baseline has the edge over the MVP on speed. The Baseline throws pitches up to 70 MPH, while the MVP goes up to 60 MPH.
  • Durability – Both machines come with a ¼ HP motor. JUGS has long been known for the durability of their pitching machines; however, First Pitch has designed a machine that will last residential and commercial customers a long time. The two machines are even in the durability category.
  • Functionality – The functionality of both pitching machines is similar. The primary difference, in terms of functionality, is that the JUGS MVP has a digital readout. The digital readout tells the user the exact speed of the machine. Both machines use a dial to control the speed of the pitch. While it is not a major difference, the JUGS MVP holds a slight edge in the functionality department.
  • Warranty – The First Pitch Baseline comes with a five-year warranty for residential customers, but only a one-year warranty for commercial customers. JUGS warranty is a consistent five-year warranty for all its customers, residential and commercial. Therefore, JUGS has the advantage when it comes to warranty.
  • Price – The Baseline is priced nearly $200 less than the MVP, giving it the obvious advantage for helping you save!
First Pitch Baseline vs BATA 1
  • Speed – The BATA 1 maxes out at 62 MPH, while the Baseline throws up to 70 MPH. Advantage: Baseline.
  • Durability – BATA may have the most durable pitching machines available. The Bata 1 has aluminum casing around the wheel, steel framework, and a Goodyear Soft Tread Wheel. While the First Pitch Baseline is a durable machine, it is hard to compete with the durability of the BATA 1.
  • Functionality – While both machines have similar functionalities, defensive drills is what set the two apart. The First Pitch Baseline is great for defensive drills. You can perform pop-flys, line drives, groundballs and the machine is on a swivel making it easy to go from one of the field to the other. The BATA 1 does not have these capabilities, giving the edge to the Baseline.
  • Warranty – BATA knows their machines are durable and that is why they back them with a 10-year warranty. Their warranty is unmatched.
  • Price – The First Pitch Baseline comes standard as a baseball/softball combo pitching machine. The BATA 1 has three different options. You can purchase the BATA 1 as a combo machine, but it will cost you $50 more. First Pitch’s pricing is around $150-$200 less than the BATA 1.

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine FAQ

Q: We have an old JUGS Machine for our machine pitch league. Is the Baseline a good alternative?

A: Yes, as you can see with the breakdown above the Baseline matches up nicely with the JUGS MVP. It is easy to set the Baseline at an exact speed.

Q: Can the Baseline throw real baseballs and softballs?

A: The Baseline is designed to throw real baseballs, 11” softballs, and 12” softballs.

Q: The machine says it comes with a 5-year warranty but only a year for commercial use. What does this mean?

A: First Pitch defines commercial use as being used by a training facility or batting cage facility. Schools, leagues, teams, and residential use qualify for the 5-year warranty.

Q: Will the Baseline throw breaking pitches?

A: The Baseline does not throw breaking pitches. It will pitch fastballs and changeups. If you are looking for a machine that throws breaking pitches, you will need to look at two-wheel machines (there are a couple one-wheel machines that throw breaking pitches).

Q: What type of generator is needed for the machine?

A: The Baseline will run off a 1000w or greater generator.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an entry to intermediate level machine, you can’t go wrong with the First Pitch Baseline. It has the commercial quality needed to last you a long time but at a residential price. You will save hundreds of dollars over going with a similar pitching machine in the JUGS MVP. The Baseline works great for customers who are using the machine for their little league teams, machine pitch leagues, or for practice in their own backyards.

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