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Why has BATA’s brand been so successful allowing them to stay in business for over 30 years? The reason is because BATA makes a superior machine compared to many of their competitors. Their pitching machines provide quality features, durability, dependability, and pinpoint accuracy.

You can always rely on your BATA Pitching Machine to throw consistent strikes with their top-notch wheels. Whether you are looking at their lower end, single-wheel options or their high-end models, BATA provides a high-quality product that will last you for a decade or longer. In fact, BATA is so sure that your machine will last for over a decade that they made the decision to back it with a 10-year warranty!

BATA 2 Pitching Machine

Goodyear Soft Tread Wheels

Every BATA Pitching Machines comes with Goodyear Soft Tread Rubber Wheel(s). The wheels are vital to the accuracy of your pitching machine. The Goodyear Wheels live up to the challenge of quality and durability. Many wheels will wear down quickly which leads to the deterioration of accuracy. You will not have that problem with your BATA machine!

Wheel Protection

Baseballs and softballs hit back at machines can affect unprotected wheels. Luckily, BATA protects their machines wheels with aluminum casing. The quality of wheels is of the utmost importance but making sure they will not get dinged by line drives will add to their durability and effectiveness.

Affordable Accessories

Something to always take into account when purchasing a pitching machine is the price of the manufacturer’s accessories. You may not want the accessories at the time of purchase, however, you may decide you need those accessories down the road. BATA offers reasonable pricing on their ball feeder, ball feeder remote, machine cover, transport wheels, and more.

Made in USA

BATA manufactures their pitching machines in their warehouse in Everson, Washington. Every part of the machine from the wheels to the legs are built in the USA.

What sets BATA Apart from the Competition?

The biggest reason BATA machines are so popular is because of their longevity. BATA, over its 30 years in business, has become known for having long-lasting pitching machines. In fact, many customers call 15-20 years after their purchase with their BATA machine still working like its brand new. It is safe to say that BATA knows a thing or two about quality.

Another way BATA sets itself apart from the competition is their wheels. As discussed above, BATA includes Goodyear Soft Tread Rubber Wheels with each of their pitching machines. These wheels go hand in hand with the durability of the machine. You can not have a durable machine without durable wheels. The Goodyear Rubber Wheels stand up to the task and provide quality wheels for quality pitching machines.

The final piece that sets BATA apart is their pricing. While their machines will go toe to toe with any pitching machines in the industry, BATA offers their machines at affordable prices. BATA machines are typically $100s less than the competition. From every aspect, BATA Pitching Machines are a great purchase!

About BATA Pitching Machines

BATA began manufacturing pitching machines back in 1991. While JUGS is the longest lasting manufacturer to date, BATA’s 30 years in business is impressive. Their 30 year run shows that their pitching machines are high-quality and popular.

BATA Pitching Machines are known for their use by professional athletes and teams. There is a long list of MLB teams who use BATA machines to train their players. Not to mention, thousands of middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities utilize BATA as well for their training.

BATA manufacturers all their pitching machines here in the USA. With only one warehouse, all BATA machines ship from Everson, Washington. West coast customers will receive their orders quickly, while east coast customers will have to wait 4-6 business days to receive their order.

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BATA's Warranty

BATA offers the longest warranty in the industry! A 10-year warranty is double the length of the warranty of other top brands such as JUGS, First Pitch, Spinball, and others. BATA offers this long warranty because they have trust in their pitching machines to last a long time.

From our experience, they have every right to believe in the longevity of their machines. We have had great success with BATA Pitching Machines and so have many other customers that we have spoken with.

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