ATEC Pitching Machines

ATEC is a subset of Wilson Sports. They have a long history of selling top-notch pitching machines. Wilson was impressed with the pitching machines that they had to offer and decided to purchase the business.

Even though ATEC had a solid pitching machine lineup in place, Wilson made some tweaks to upgrade their selection. ATEC replaced the Axis, Rookie, and Casey Pro with the M1, R2, and M2. At the time Wilson bought the company, ATEC did not offer a 3-wheel machine. However, they added the ATEC M3 to their selection.

Their new pitching machines brought faster pitches, better breaking balls, and top of the line features. They took an already impressive set of pitching machines and raised the bar!

ATEC Pitching Machine

ATEC’s inspects and ships their products from their warehouse in Reno, Nevada. They ship their products directly from their warehouse. For the most part, ATEC ships their machines out within 2-3 business days. If they are having any delays, they will let you know on their website. Most of their pitching machines will ship via UPS LTL Freight.

Concave Wheel Treads

Many of the pitching machines today include concave wheel treads. The concave wheel treads provide an increased ball grip. The more grip that the wheels have on the ball, the higher the accuracy of the machine. Which is why ATEC rightfully claims that the concave wheels maximize pitch accuracy.

Quick Change Tilt System

The Quick Change Tilt System is available with most of ATEC’s pitching machines. It allows you to quickly change the position of the head of the pitching machine to throw the various types of pitches. Adjust the machine to throw left-handed curveball with one pitch to a slider on the next. Quick and easy!

Steel Frame & Wide Base

The most important aspect of the steel frame and wide base is that they absorb the machine recoil. This helps the machine be more accurate on each pitch, as it is not moving around. Some lighter pitching machines with a smaller base have more recoil, which causes errant pitches. Also, the steel frame will hold up against line drives hit back at the machine.

Free Pitching Machine Cover

ATEC is running a special where they include a free machine cover with every order. Their machine cover is made with water-resistant nylon that will help protect your machine from the elements. The cover has a cinch tie that will help you secure the cover to the machine.

If you are planning on leaving the machine outside for long periods of time, the cover will come in handy. Even if it is in the garage, the cover will prevent dust build-up during the winter.

Unique Bucket Feeder

ATEC built a ball feeder that is much different than anything else available. The ball feeder utilizes a bucket to hold the baseballs/softballs. The feeder is compatible with five or six gallon buckets.

One five gallon bucket is included with the purchase of the Bucket Feeder. A five gallon bucket will hold up to 48 baseballs, while the six gallon bucket will hold 60 baseballs. The Bucket Feeder is compatible with all ATEC Pitching Machines except for the M3X.

ATEC Pitching Machine Bucket Feeder

What Sets ATEC Apart from the Competition?

The variety of options in their machines is what sets ATEC apart from the competition. It starts with their single-wheel options. Initially, they only offered the ATEC M1, one of only a handful of single-wheel pitching machines that throws breaking pitches. However, they recently added the M1.J to their repertoire, which provides a less expensive option for customers who only need the machine to throw fastballs.

Their two-wheel options include even more variety. The ATEC R2 Pitching Machine is almost strictly a defensive training machine. Many high schools and colleges rely on the R2 to perfect their fielding skills. ATEC’s M2 Pitching Machine is the opposite, it is mostly an offensive training machine. To close out the 2-wheel options is the ATEC M2 3G Machine. The M2 3G is really just an extension of the M2 with the addition of micro-adjusters.

ATEC has two three-wheel options. They brought the M3 Pithing Machine to market a couple years ago. Many coaches consider the ATEC M3 as one of the top three 3-wheel pitching machine options along with the Hack Attack Pitching Machine and the Rawlings 3 Wheel Pitching Machine.

Recently, ATEC unveiled the ATEC M3X. The M3X is a smaller, less expensive version of the ATEC M3, with the main difference being the maximum speeds of both machines. The M3X is the second cheapest three-wheel pitching machine next to the Junior Hack Attack. However, the M3X has a major advantage throwing up to 90 MPH compared to the Junior Hack’s max speed of 70 MPH.

ATEC's Top Pitching Machines

ATEC M3X Pitching Machine

The ATEC M3X has become one of the top selling pitching machines and with good reason. What makes the M3X so popular? Well, the main reason is that the M3X has the same functionalities of the ATEC M3 for two-thirds of the price. The M3X is a slightly smaller, more portable version of the M3 that throws fastballs up to 90 MPH and some hard-breaking curveballs.

Not only is the M3X have the same functionalities but it is also a combo pitching machine. The machine quickly converts from baseball to softball and vice versa. It is the only ATEC Pitching Machine that acts as a combo machine. ATEC really outdid themselves with the M3X by creating a machine that has the same capabilities of its competitor’s three-wheel machines, while selling the machine at a fraction of the price.

ATEC M3X Pitching Machine

ATEC M2 3G Pitching Machine

The ATEC M2 3G Pitching Machine is the same machine as the M2 except it includes a micro-adjustment system. With the micro-adjusters, you can pinpoint exactly where you want the next ball to pitch. You can quickly change the next pitch to a targeted spot within the strike zone. ATEC was one of the first, if not the first, to implement micro-adjusters on some of their machines. They are a great feature to have and make the M2 3G a great machine for offensive training drills. While the addition of the micro-adjusters makes the machine cost an extra $100, they are well worth the extra money!

ATEC R2 Pitching Machine

ATEC made the R2 to be a great defensive training machine. You can use the machine for hitting drills, however, its primary function is for defensive training. The machine weighs only 70 pounds and comes on a caddypod. It has a handle on the back of the machine that allows coaches to quickly maneuver the machine to send balls one direction on the first pitch and another direction on the next pitch.

ATEC M1.J Pitching Machine

ATEC came out with M1.J Machine as a cheaper alternative to their popular M1 Model. The M1.J has many of the same features, however, it does not throw breaking pitches. It will only throw fastballs and changeups. The M1.J is perfect for little league players that will not see breaking pitches in games. If you want to save some money and do not need the machine to throw breaking pitches, save a few hundred dollars and go with the M1.J over the M1.

ATEC's Warranty

ATEC provides one of the better warranties in the pitching machine industry. Their warranty offer is a five-year limited warranty on all their machines. The 5-year warranty covers any components that are defective.

ATEC provides great customer service and will ship out any new part that you need to fix the machine, at no expense. However, the one downside to ATEC’s warranty is if the machine must be sent back to their warehouse. If the machine is sent back to their warehouse, you are responsible for the shipping cost.

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