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About Us

We have been around the industry for over 30 year combined

We know and love all things Pitching Machines and Baseball. Our articles inform our readers about anything relating to baseball and buying Pitching Machines!

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Frequent Questions

The Pitching Machines Guide team consists of four individuals who have been around the baseball their whole lives. Matt, Mike, Joe, and Randall have been selling machines for a 40+ years combined. We have seen everything the industry has to offer and want to pass along our knowledge. Whether about a general pitching machine topic or a specific product, we provide high-quality information, which allows you to make an informed decision.

We do not receive any money to write the articles on our website. We provide the highest quality and honest reviews of the products that we cover.

If we were to ever get paid for a specific article, it would be noted at the very top of the article so readers know!

Being around the industry has brought us in contact with almost every pitching machine. There are a lot of machines available. There are a couple machines we have not had the chance to use. However, we have tested similar machines from the same manufacturer, which gives us a sense on how the machine operates and its quality.

We base our reviews on a few different factors. First, and most importantly, is our personal experience with the different machines. Additionally, our reviews come from customer feedback and other online reviews. Just because we have a good experience with a machine, does not mean everyone else has. We want to make sure that others are having the same type of experience and every machine that is sent out is the same quality.