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What Pitching Machines Guide Offers was started to provide a place for parents, players, and coaches to have unbiased pitching machine information. There are a lot of different options out there and we want to help you narrow down the choices so you can choose the machine that is the best fit.

Pitching machines are complicated. There are a variety of different features you must look into before you make a large purchase. Fortunately, we have been in the pitching machine industry for over a decade and have been around baseball & softball since we were born. By the time you finish reading our website, you will be confident in your pitching machine purchase.

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Top Pitching Machine Brands


ATEC Pitching Machines are a well-respected brand amongst coaches and players. Their machines provide a high-quality training tool that will last you for a decade or longer.

In fact, ATEC machines are so durable that we have customers call us letting us know that their machine is still running after 15+ years. Most pitching machines do not have that type of durability!

ATEC Sports Logo

ATEC offers their fair share of machines and has an option for just about anyone. If you need a single-wheel machine they have you covered. Same goes for two-wheel and three-wheel pitching machines. Their single-wheel option, the ATEC M1, is unique in that it throws breaking pitches. Most one-wheel machines only throw fastballs and changeups.

Looking for a double-wheel machine? The ATEC M2 is perfect. We recommend buying the M2 with the micro-adjusters. Micro-adjusters are a feature that ATEC created that allows coaches to pinpoint exactly where they want their next pitch to go. As you get into the three-wheel machines, the M3X is a great option.

The M3X is the least expensive three-wheel option that throws 90+ MPH. You will see that the Junior Hack Pitching Machine (three-wheels) is cheaper, however, it only throws up to 70 MPH. The M3X is an affordable three-wheel option with the horsepower of more expensive pitching machines.

JUGS Sports

In 2021, JUGS celebrates its 50th anniversary! You can not be in business for 50 years without manufacturing a quality product. JUGS Pitching Machines have been a staple for local little leagues, schools, and professional players for decades.

Their lineup of pitching machines has changed quite a bit over the years, but the quality of their machines has only improved. Recently, JUGS made an upgrade to their single-wheel options going from the JUGS Jr. to the BP1.

JUGS Pitching Machines Logo
The BP1 has all the same features as the JUGS Jr. use to have, except it throws 10 MPH faster! The upgrades did not stop with their lower-end machine options. Instead, they came out with the JUGS Changeup, the BP2, and the BP3. Each machine has its own unique set of features that helps set the JUGS brand apart from the competition.

First Pitch

First Pitch Pitching Machines offer an alternative to the other pricey machines on the market. With First Pitch you receive the quality of a commercial grade pitching machine at a residential price.

Their lineup of pitching machines are two-thirds the price of their competitors yet have most of the same features. If you are on a budget but still want a machine that will last you for years, you need to look at First Pitch.

First Pitch Pitching Machines

The Baseline is their most affordable model at $799. It compares to the JUGS BP1 in speed, durability, and functionality; even though the BP1 will cost you $400-$500 more. Additionally, First Pitch offers two other single-wheel machines. These machines are slight upgrades to the Baseline because they throw up to 80 MPH, while the Baseline throws up to 70 MPH. If you are in need of a two-wheel option, then First Pitch has you covered on that front as well.

Their 2-Wheel Curveball brings the heat, with maximum speeds up to 105 MPH. Just like their single-wheel options, the 2-Wheel Curveball is affordable and will last you a long time. First Pitch shows they believe in their machines by backing them with a 5-year warranty.

Heater Sports

Heater Pitching Machines provides entry-level, low-cost pitching machines. While they do offer more expensive pitching machines, they are best known as the leader for backyard machines. Their lineup starts with the BaseHit.
Heater Sports Logo

The BaseHit Pitching Machine costs $199 and is the least expensive real-ball machine on the market. You will notice that all Heater Pitching Machines come standard with a ball feeder. The ball feeder is the perfect add-on, as it allows coaches/parents to finetune their player’s hitting skills.

Knowing that their machines are for kids 15 years and younger, Heater built their products with safety in mind. All Heater Pitching Machines come with an enclosed wheel, which prevents kids and parents from getting their hands caught in the fast-spinning wheel.

Sports Attack

Sports Attack Pitching Machines are giving JUGS a run for the money as the most popular pitching machine available. They focus on three-wheel machines.

Sports Attack believes that three-wheel machines are superior to all other machines as they provide greater visibility of the ball and a more realistic breaking pitch. That is why it is no surprise that their two most popular machines, the Junior Hack Attack and the Hack Attack, are both three-wheel machines.

Sports Attack Pitching Machines Logo

What makes Sports Attack so popular? For one, the wheels they use on both machines provide pinpoint accuracy. All three of the wheels are 14+ inch, concave wheels. Not only are the wheels superior to many of their competitors, but they also include a motor for each wheel. Yes, you heard that right. Their three-wheel machines include three motors! Quality is of the utmost importance at Sports Attack and it is why their machines have become such a reliable performer for so many schools and universities throughout the country.

BP2 Pitching Machine

We Know The Industry

There are three of us that write content for Between the three of us, we have 25 combined years of experience in the pitching machine industry and each one of us have been in playing and/or coaching baseball for our entire lives. Everything that we write is genuine because we want you, the customer, to make the right purchase. We do not have any allegiance to a particular brand which allows us to give you our honest opinion about each of the machines.

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Top Reasons to Buy a Pitching Machine

1. Save Your Arm

Everyone has heard the old cliché about having a worn-down arm. The fact of the matter is father time always gets the best of us and even though we would like to be still throwing heat, for many of us it is no longer the case.

Pitching machines give your kid/team the ability to practice without you injuring your arm. Plus, you get the benefit of not having to hear it from the kids when your pitches are going everywhere except the strike zone.

2. High Speed Pitches

Let’s face it, you do not have the same juice in your arm you once did. Your pitches are not coming in with the same velocity. Kids get better by practicing against speeds that they will see in games. Luckily, most pitching machines throw at high speeds and will be able to challenge the hitter. With certain machines throwing up to 100 MPH, there are options out there to help you grow as a hitter.

3. Consistent Accuracy

The accuracy of pitching machines has vastly improved over the years. Manufacturers have redesigned their wheels to provide superior accuracy. Some machines include micro-adjusters which allows you to pinpoint the location of your next pitch. Throw a pitch low and away with one pitch and middle-in with the next. The consistent accuracy allows for consistent training and ultimately, a better hitter.

Pitching Machine Accuracy

4. Durability

You will notice that many pitching machines carry a five- or ten-year warranty and that is for good reason. The manufacturers know that their machines are reliable and will withstand the test of time. We have heard from many customers that have been using their machine for 20+ years. With technology getting better and the machines being upgraded, the machines available today have never been more durable. You will get plenty of use out of your machine.

5. Fielding Exercises

Not only do the machines work great for hitting, but many of them double up as a fielding machine. You will want to look for a machine that has a 360-degree swivel. This will allow you to send pitches all over the field. Most machines will throw pop-ups, line drives, and groundballs.

What to Look for When Buying a Machine

Number of Wheels

The number of wheels is any easy way to if a machine is right for you. If you are looking for a machine for little leaguers, you will be most interested in single-wheel machines. You may have some interest for a two-wheel machine for advanced players, however, a three-wheel machine would be overkill.

The opposite is true for high school, collegiate, and professional players. You will want to look at the two and three-wheel options, while the single-wheel options might not have the horsepower you need.

First Pitch 2-Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine

Does the Pitching Machine Throw Real Baseballs/Softballs?

This is a big question. You may be disappointed if the machine arrives, and it is only able to throw dimpled balls. While most pitching machines throw real baseballs & softballs, it is important to double check before purchasing as there are a few that cannot throw real balls.

Types of Wheels

The types of wheel(s) on a machine make all the difference. Some wheels provide more accuracy than others. Some wheels are more maintenance than others. We provide information on this website to help you make the right decision.

Maximum Speed

You need to find a machine that will challenge the hitter. The max pitch speed is a big factor in making sure you find the right one. A machine that only throws 40 MPH will not challenge a 12-year old kid, so you would need to find a machine with a little more power.

Ability to Throw Breaking Pitches

Just like the max speed of a machine, breaking pitches provide a challenge to hitters. If you are purchasing for a young athlete who is expecting to start seeing breaking pitches during games, a machine that throws breaking pitches will come in handy. All two and three-wheel machines throw breaking pitches, however, there are a couple single-wheel options that do as well. While the breaking pitches with the two-wheel and three-wheel options are more realistic, the single-wheel curveball machines are perfect to introduce young players to breaking pitches.

Pitching Machine Accessories

Each manufacturer provides their own set of accessories. You will find ball feeders, ball feeder remotes, pitching machine covers, transport kits, and so on. The most important accessory is the ball feeder. Not everyone needs a ball feeder, however, if you think you might need one down the road, it is important to find the price before you purchase. Certain ball feeders can cost you upwards of $1,000.


Pitching machines are bulky and heavy, especially ones with two or more wheels. You will want to check the weight and see if the machine comes with transport wheels or has transport wheels as an accessory. Many of the machines come equipped with transport wheels that you can roll the machine on.

Some people roll their machine on the pitching machine’s wheels, however, we do not recommend. It can cause damage to the wheels, especially if you roll it over a rock. If you plan on moving the machine on and off the field, you and your back will be happy that you bought a machine that is easy to move.

Pitching Machine Transport Cart


Every manufacturer has a different warranty for the line of machines, and it is important to know the warranty before the purchase. Pitching machines are workhorses, however, they sometimes experience issues. It is important to know the warranty, so that if anything ever happens, you can have the manufacturer repair or replace the machine.


Most importantly, you must find a machine that works for you that is within your budget. Pitching machines get expensive quickly, especially two and three-wheel machines. Luckily, there are a lot of great options available.